47th ECLSO Congress

Joint meeting 2017
24th MCLOSA Annual Meeting (Medical Contact lens and Ocular Surface Association)
47th ECLSO Congress (European Contact Lens Society of Ophthalmologists)

Date: 1st-2nd December 2017
Millennium Gloucester Hotel London Kensington
4-18 Harrington Gardens
London SW7 4LH

Website: http://www.eclso.eu/

Registration and information: regist-eclso@europa-organisation.com

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Obituary: Dr Michael Port

Dr Michael Port (consultant on clinical evaluation of Euromcontact document) passed away

 ANSI Z80 CL Subcommittee:  It is with a heavy heart that I report to you news from Dr. Josh Josephson in Canada, confirmed by Mr. Tony Koller in Australia, that Mr. Michael Port passed away on August 24 2017. He apparently had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in March of 2017. …  Continue reading “Obituary: Dr Michael Port”

EUROMCONTACT 2016 market data report on sales of contact lenses and lens care products is now available.

Brussels, 19th April 2017 

EUROMCONTACT 2016 market data report on sales of contact lenses and lens care products is now available. Since 2003, EUROMCONTACT provides the framework for statistics on market data and analysis, based on a collection and compilation of data from an independent company.  

The report “A Comparison of European Soft Contact Lens and Lens Care Markets in 2016”, from Euromcontact a.i.s.b.l is now available on-line.

In 2016, the market value of soft contact lenses (SCLs) at industry to eye care professionals (ECP) level grew by 5.7% to € 1’742 million. The market is defined as the 33 countries for which EUROMCONTACT collects data for Daily Disposables (DD), Weekly / Bi-Weekly and Monthly (W/B&M) and conventional soft (CS) CLs. Belgium was combined with Luxemburg, as was Ireland with the UK. Czech Republic and Slovakia are now reported separately. Hence there were 31 reported countries / clusters covering the 33 countries.

The CL market for the eleven reported countries in this paper grew by 4.8%, and the value was € 1’426 millions. The reported eleven countries represent 82.5% of the total collected. In the eleven countries, DD grew by +9.5%, W/B&M declined minimally (-0.14%). CS declined by 8.5%.

With a total of 15.2% (+9.7%) of the 15-64 years old population wearing CLs, Sweden is leading the penetration ranks, ahead of Denmark (13.1%, +4.9%) and Norway (11.1%, -5.2%)). Lowest among the eleven is Spain (4.1%, +4.3%), tied with Germany (4.1%; +3.6%).

Silicone Hydrogels (SiHy) are now at 83.6 % share in the W/B&M segment (across all 33 countries) and well above 60% in all of the reported eleven countries.

The total lens care market declined by 0.8% for all 33 countries/31 clusters. All countries had total data, but not all had data for all segments and all years.

EUROMCONTACT is the voice of European contact lens and lens care industry to the European Institutions, media, stakeholders and the public. EUROMCONTACT is the European Federation of National Associations and International Companies of Contact Lens and Lens Care Manufacturers. EUROMCONTACT members include National Associations of Manufacturers, representing Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom; the global companies Alcon, AMO Ltd., Bausch & Lomb, CooperVision, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Mark’ennovy, Menicon; and the European Federation for the Contact Lens Industry EFCLIN.


For further information, please contact:
Pascale Rouhier
Secretary General EUROMCONTACT aisbl
10, rue de Tamines
1060 Brussels-BE
Phone/Fax : +32 2 537 37 11
pascale.rouhier@euromcontact.eu  – www.euromcontact.eu

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EFCLIN Member Contamac announces appointment of Steve Morgan as Quality Manager

Contamac, the world’s largest and independent manufacturer of intraocular and contact lens materials, is delighted to announce the appointment of Steve Morgan as Quality Manager.

Contamac, the world’s largest manufacturer of Intraocular and Contact Lens materials are proud to announce the appointment of Steve Morgan as Quality Manager.  In this role Steve will assume full responsibility for Quality Assurance within the company, as well as providing a service to our customers to support their regulatory requirements. Steve joined Contamac from PA Consulting’s Technology Group, where he lead the quality organization in managing compliance to the company’s ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certifications.  During his 12 years at PA, he also gained wide experience of managing the quality and regulatory aspects of medical device development projects, under both the EU MDD and US FDA regulations, covering products such as auto injectors and blood glucose meters.  Steve is also a lead assessor for the ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 standards, and has regularly undertaken third party quality audits on behalf of customers. Steve is delighted to have joined Contamac at a time when the company is continuing to enjoy significant growth across its product portfolio.  In his first 8 weeks with the company he has immersed himself in the business, covering all aspects of the internal production process, while starting to reach out and establish links with customers and trade organizations. Steve commented “My early impressions are extremely positive – the people at Contamac are a close knit team with a tremendous breadth of technical knowledge and understanding of the industry.  I have been made to feel very welcome in joining the organization and look forward to helping the company continue to manage the challenging quality and regulatory landscape ahead, which will help support both Contamac’s and their customers’ continued success.” Robert McGregor, Managing Director at Contamac said, “We are delighted to have Steve as part of the team, his extensive background and knowledge in the medical device industry will ensure that Contamac and its customers are as prepared as we can be to meet the ever increasing regulatory requirements placed upon our industry for the future.  This further demonstrates our commitment to quality and the desire to provide the best possible products to the industry.  Steve will add additional support to our customers and compliment the expertise we already provide through Research and Development, Technical support, Education and Sales and Marketing”.