ERCON Contactlenzen & Consultancy

Company Overview

ERCON contactlenzen en consultancy is a distributing company which makes definite choices in selling contactlenses and giving consultancy in technical and in marketing issues. Founded in 1997, by Erik Smidt a Dutch qualified contactlensspecialist and marketeer, ERCON is always searching of other companies and partners to combine best propositions for its customers. Being a distributor ERCON delivers several contactlenses to the Dutch market. Our mission statement is in short ERCON FROM PROFESSIONALS FOR PROFESSIONALS therefore we only deal with real practices and not with internet, mailorder or other companies not being optical linked.

Our main product line is the Ultravision CLPL product line, not only because of our long lasting business relationship, but also because of the excellent products they can produce. Next to the products of Ultravision CLPL we always search for products to complete our portfolio, which resulted in some own lables. We also give consultancy to our customers in both ways. Mainly our consultancy is about marketing issues besides technical issues.

Products & Services

  • ERCON contactlenzen en consultancy can deliver all lenses available from Ultravision CLPL. We also import several products from Germany, USA, and other countries and are always searching for better solutions fot our customer. We give consultancy about fitting problems and search , together with our customers, to the best solution to their problem. To optimise their contactlenspractice we give marketing and sales consultancy to our customers.

Contact Details

image001 Afrikaweg 51       9407 TP Assen                                Netherlands Name: Erik Smidt
Tel:+31(0) 592 405000
Fax:+31(0) 592 407818

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