Since 1996 EFCLIN has attempted to recognise some of the more significant achievements in the industry by means of a series of awards. Awards are made to those individuals who have demonstrated a dedication and commitment far beyond what might normally be expected. In short, award winners are those who have made a “special” contribution. Such contributions may have been of a technical nature, relating to product or process design, the development of an instrument or maybe a novel technique solving a common problem.

Those who have spent a lifetime in a commercial stream of the industry might deserve recognition, or those that have served another organisation, body or association may be worthy winners. Occasionally it might not be possible to identify a particular individual within an organisation and perhaps a whole company or other body shall be regarded as right for recognition.

Nominations are encouraged from all EFCLIN members using the form on the page marked “Nominate”. Do you know someone who deserves recognition?

The EFCLIN Laureate Award

This is the highest accolade that EFCLIN can bestow. It is reserved for those who, in the opinion of the EFCLIN Board have made an outstanding and long term contribution to the good of EFCLIN.

The EFCLIN Award

This award is made to those who, in the opinion of the EFCIN Board have made an outstanding commercial or technical contribution to the Contact Lens or IOL industry.