How It Works

All EFCLIN Members are eligible to nominate those they feel should receive an award using the form provided on this website. Each year an Awards Committee is formed by the EFCLIN Board to evaluate nominations. The Awards Committee may decide to consult with former Presidents of the organisation to assist with the evaluation process. The approximate timeline of activities is as follows:-

The EFCLIN Secretariat will contact the membership asking for nominations via this website. All nominations will be passed to the Awards Committee who may also obtain nominations via other routes or submit their own.

Deadline for Award nomination is 25th January.

Each designated award recipient will be contacted by the Awards Committee informing them of the award decision and to confirm their acceptance of the award. Should a proposed recipient refuse to accept an award, the Award Committee might choose another qualified individual.

The Awards Committee will then supply the appropriate presentation format and citation for each award by 20 April with the co-operation and assent of the awardees. The Executive Director of EFCLIN will then produce the award and certificate as appropriate.