EFCLIN offers two types of membership. The first is for those individuals or companies engaged in the manufacture, wholesaling or distribution of contact Lenses or IOL’s. These companies are likely to mainly supply products to eye care professionals.

The second type of EFCLIN membership is for those companies who act as suppliers to the industry. Good examples would be material suppliers, diamond tool suppliers or instrument manufacturers.

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Annual Subscriptions 2024

Category 1
(Lens Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors and their Holdings*)

Total No of Employees Annual Subscription
L.1: 1-5 €550
L.2: 6-25 €690
L.3: 26+ €830
L.4: Groups of Companies* €1.775

Category 2**
(Suppliers to the Industry, Consultants etc)

Annual Sales to the Industry Annual Subscription
S.1: < €250,000 €830
S.2: €250,00 – €750,000 €1.035
S.3: More than € 750.000 €1.240

*Groups: This new membership group was agreed by AGM 2019, because more and more smaller companies join lager companies or are taken over.

** Single company