Exhibitor Info


The Exhibition is an integral and important part of the proceedings at all EFCLIN Congresses. Exhibition hours are specifically designed not to “clash” with any lecture sessions. This ensures ample time for delegates to meet in a relaxed and informal way with all exhibitors. Exhibitors are advised to check this section of the website on a regular basis during the months leading up to the EFCLIN Congress. Important information and changes to any arrangements will be posted here first.

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Latest News & Updates

This is the section that will guide you to any recent changes that may be relevant to your booking or inquiry.

Hotel booking will follow in second half of November.

Registration for crew members or visitors will follow in second half of November.

Schedules & Transport

EFCLIN is planning a collaboration with a freight forwarder. Information will follow on time.
If you would like a quotation for shipping your material via the freight forwarder, please tick the appropriate box on the application form (here)

Crew Participation

The Sponsorship & Booth package that you book will determine the number of “free” crew places you receive. Full details can be found (here). Crew places are summarised as follows:-

Booth Only Package (5) Includes 1 Free Crew Member
Bronze Package Includes 2 Free Crew Members
Silver Package Includes 3 Free Crew Members
Gold Package Includes 4 Free Crew Members
Platinum Package Includes 6 Free Crew Members

Additional crew members can be purchased at a rate of €310 for the full length of the Congress. Each company can purchase up to a maximum of 3 additional crew members.
To be present on Thursday, no extra registration needs to be purchased – crew members can access free of charge.

NB. “Crew Member & Extra Crew” means bona-fide members of staff that must be employees of your company who are present for the expressed purpose of working on your booth during exhibition hours. Agents, Distributors, Casual Employees, Consultants, Customers or Associates of your company do not qualify as crew. 

Booth Plan

The preliminary floorplan of 2024 click here.

The booth plan is designed to serve as a guide only. Actual numbers of booths and individual booth sizes will vary depending upon uptake of the various sponsorship packages. Final layout is at the discretion of the organiser.

Compressed Air Supply

If you would like to order compressed air please tick the box on the application form.

Sponsor Packages

Once again we have put together an extensive range of booth and sponsorship packages designed to offer the best possible combinations of space and visibility for a variety of budgets. Further details of what is included in each level of sponsorship can be found (here).

Booth Furniture

The booth provider will be offering an extensive range of rental booth furniture to enable you to complete the look of whatever booth package you have reserved. You will be provided with full details nearer to the event.

Unwelcome Activity

You are investing a great deal of money and effort in this show and EFCLIN appreciates your support and participation. The Board therefore recognises that it is annoying to see other suppliers, without a booth or any other investments, selling products in the exhibition hall. The Board will make all possible efforts to prevent this kind of practice. Therefore, information about such activities will be handed to all participants.

We would appreciate it if you would immediately inform the Executive Director or any Board member if you should witness any such activity taking place.

However, it must be understood that EFCLIN offers a platform to all members and guests to make new business contacts. That means that labs might look for new partners or try to present their products to other manufacturers. Such actions are, of course, fully acceptable.

It is impossible for the Board to prevent suppliers who have not taken a booth, to attend the meeting and to talk with other participants. What will not be acceptable is to have such suppliers actively demonstrating and selling their products in the exhibition hall without having a booth. We ask your cooperation and support in monitoring such activities.

Dress Code

The EFCLIN Congress is primarily a “business” forum. The EFCLIN Board believes however that a better atmosphere is created when delegates are encouraged to adopt “business casual” dress. Exhibitors often feel more comfortable in formal business attire. This unique blend of styles has lead to the typical “EFCLIN atmosphere”. The most important rule? Wear whatever makes you most comfortable for business.