Sponsorship Packages

  Booth Only (5) Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Booth Size 3 x 1 3 x 2 4 x 2 6 x 2 8 x 2
Free crew members.
Extra tickets can be purchased for €140 each/day for 29th &30th. Free on 28th. (Max 3 tickets)
1 2 3 4 6
Name on booth
Program listing
Logo on EFCLIN Website  
Recognition at entrance; an acknowledgement of sponsorship level will be displayed at the exhibtion entrance.  
Logo on Exhibition Screens – Other sponsors can purchase for €750        
Invited guest vouchers   2 4 6 10
Logo on EFCLIN Newsflash; each issue of the EFCLIN Newsflash prior to the congress will feature company logo.    
Promo items in congress Folder.  Each Piece maximum 1 pages size A4.     1 2 4
Presentation slots in lecture program;
5 min. commercial presentation slots during main lecture program. Additional presentations can be purchased for € 600/ each.
      1 2
Logo on printed congress notepad      
Free advertisement in program       Half Page Full Page
Member price €2,750 €3,750 €5,000 €6,900 €9,900
Non member price €3,750 €4,750 €6,000 €7,900 €10,900

Additional Sponsor Items

Lanyard sponsorship;
Lanyards with your company’s name on it. Production costs are for own account of the Sponsor.

Drink vouchers/ coins sponsorship; 2 drink voucher coins/day will be given to every visitor. One package includes 200 coins with your company logo printed on this coins. We offer 5 packages.
Welcome reception;
Drinks and snacks for welcome reception on Thursday evening can be offered by your company. (3 packages).

Half page advertisement in printed program € 500        
Full page advertisement in printed program € 800        
5 min Commercial Presentation (where available) €600*        
Logo on Exhibition screens €750        
If you have other ideas of items you would like to sponsor, please contact Marion Beeler. tbd        


Sponsorable items are offered strictly on a “first come first served” basis. We apologize if your choice is not available.

Booking of advertisements is at the discretion of the EFCLIN Executive Director.

A deposit of 50% of the total cost will be invoiced upon receipt of the completed booking and payment of this invoice will guarantee the reservation.
The final 50% invoice will be sent before March 2022 and must be settled before March 31st , 2022.
Bookings made after February 21st, 2022, 100% payment is due at the time of reservation.
All payments must be received in Euros and must be paid in full prior to the opening of the congress.
5% interest will be charged on any late payments.

Cancellations received prior to February 21st, 2022 will incur a charge equivalent to 50% of the sponsorship fee. After this date cancellations will incur the full sponsorship fee.

Those exhibitors showing large machinery i.e. Lathes/Mills etc are awarded a booth of 3 meters depth.

A charge of €650 is made for the supply of clean/dried compressed air and € 500 for strong power to machinery booths.

*Commercial Presentation opportunities within the academic lecture program are limited. In the main these sessions are awarded as part of the major (Gold & Platinum) Sponsor packages. Where extra sessions are available they are offered for sale on a strictly “first come first served” basis with a maximum of 1 per company. The sale of extra Commercial Presentation slots is not guaranteed but will be offered whenever possible. Commercial Presentation slots are not available to non-members.