Nicoletta Losi is re-elected President of EUROMCONTACT

EUROMCONTACT, 17 June 2021 

Nicoletta Losi, from Johnson & Johnson Vision, re-elected for a mandate of two years at the EUROMCONTACT Board of 15th June 2021

The Board of EUROMCONTACT met on 15th June 2021 to discuss the priorities for the organization from June 2021 onwards and elect its bureau.

Nicoletta Losi, Professional Education & Development Director in EMEA for Johnson & Johnson Vision, was elected at unanimity for a third mandate of two years.
Nicoletta Losi was first elected in May 2017 and again in June 2019 by her peers at the Board. Nicoletta Losi is Board member of EUROMCONTACT since 2009 and was previously President of ASSOTTICA, the Italian association of contact lens manufacturers. Nicoletta has an extensive experience in Professional Affairs Education and in KOL strategy and development.

The Board of EUROMCONTACT also supported at unanimity the re-election of Marion Beeler, Secretary General of EFCLIN, as Treasurer and of Simon Rodwell, Secretary General of ACLM, as Secretary.

Discussing the priorities from June 2021 onwards, the Board agreed to continue the efforts to support the business transiting from the Medical Devices Directive to the Medical Devices Regulation and to working on distribution channel to support greater contact lens consumer journey. EUROMCONTACT is also supporting the European agenda towards more sustainability and will continue to engage with contact lens wearers and eye care professionals to increase education on waste collection.

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