Mourning Renato Liffredo

With great regret EFCLIN has received the news that Renato Liffredo has passed away.

Renato Liffredo was a visionary in the field of contact lenses and IOLs. He held several patents and contributed a lot to the development of his inventive talent.

In 2002 Renato Liffredo received the EFCLIN Technology Award.

Filippo Selden from Advanced Medical / Focal Points wrote:
“I am writing with my deepest regrets to announce the recent passing of Renato Liffredo.

As you may know, Renato was struggling with his severe back-pain since last year. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago his health condition suddenly worsened. He passed away surrounded by his loved ones, without suffering.

His premature passing was unexpected and shocking on both a professional and personal level. We expect to undergo a brief transition time, but there won’t be any changes in how we do business and support our clients. It’s our intention to honor Renato’s legacy by continuing to work on his vision to deliver the best integrated lens design and manufacturing system for contact lenses.”

To his family and all those who knew him we would like to express our sincere condolences and will keep Renato Liffredo in good Memory.