EUROMCONTACT releases 2020 Market Data

In 2020, the market value of soft contact lenses (SCLs) at industry to eye care professionals (ECPs) level declined by 9.63% to € 1’814 million. The comparable total (data in ’20 & ’19) is the same, € 1’813 million. The CL market for the eleven reported countries in this paper declined by 9.1%, to € 1’376 million. They represent 75.9% of the total collected. In the eleven markets DD declined by -9.4% and W/B&M by -8.4%), CS declined (-24.0%).

With a total of 13.6% (-7.2%) of the 15-64 years old population wearing CLs, Denmark (DK) is leading the penetration ranks, ahead of Sweden (SE) (also 12.4%, -15.5%) and Norway (NO) (11.7%, +4.7%). Lowest among the eleven is Spain (ES) (3.5%, -14.5%), next is Germany (DE) (3.8%; -7.8%).

Silicone Hydrogels (SiHy) have an 86.4 % value share in the W/B&M segment (across all 33 countries) and range from 75% (IT) up to 95% (NO) in the reported eleven countries.

The total lens care market declined by 6.40% to € 204 million for all 33 countries/31 clusters. All countries had total data for 2020, while not for 2019, plus not all had data for all segments and both years. Total declined 10.6%, when looking at the total where there was data in both years. In the eleven countries, total care market was € 144 million (-9.9%).

Since 2003, EUROMCONTACT provides the framework for statistics on market data and analysis covering 31 countries, based on a collection and compilation of data from an independent company.

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