Company Overview

In a nutshell, Fabrilens is a producer of hard and gas-permeable contact lenses and a distributor of soft – durable and disposable – contact lenses, with all the necessary fluids and accessories. More broadly speaking, Fabrilens bases its product know-how on more than 40 years’ experience, resulting in a unique and complete service. Any request for an optical modification is studied until a suitable solution can be offered. Mass-production work is simply not an option. We used to live in an indiscriminate throw-away society. Rightly conjugated in the “past tense”. Every day we see contact-lens wearers discarding half-baked solutions offered by chains and department stores and returning to the trusting environment for the perfect answer to their specific problem. Logically, because only a tiny percentage of contact-lens wearers find the answer of improved vision in a simple increase after the fashion of the age-old magnifying glass. Optical modifiers also understood that contact-lens wearers generally continue to wear their glasses and that this happens much less in reverse. The fear of falling sales vanished and not only the offer of a second pair of glasses free, but above all the combination of the specific lens with the specific glasses is highly sought-after. Fabrilens has never been more sure of itself and today offers a complete package. The perfect partner for any modifier.

Products & Services

  • Fabrilens offers only the best quality and the best service as regards: RGP and soft lenses (durable and disposable) – contact lens care products for all types of contact lenses : peroxide systems – protein removers – salines – comfort drops – eye drops – rewetting fluids – accessories – lens holders – products for the contact lens practice – prism films –special glasses for snooker and billiards.

Contact Details

Kerkhovensesteenweg 445
3960 Lommel
Name: Jan Pauwels
Tel:(32) 3 877 4400
Fax:(32) 3 877 3485
E-mail: contact@fabrilens.be
Web: www.fabrilens.be


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