Wilens s.r.o.

Company Overview

WILENS s.r.o. is a successor of a former Czechoslovak company OKULA, which had been manufacturing contact lenses since 1980. The technology used for soft lens production is a vertical spin-casting. This process was developed by professor Otto Wichterle, father of soft contact lenses. Spin-casting was used in Czechoslovakia prior to selling the know-how to Bausch&Lomb and Hydron. It is a sophisticated and highly productive method facilitating effective production of top quality contact lenses.

Wilens is a producer and distributor of soft contact lenses and accessories. Wilens is an innovative company with its own R&D department with professionals in polymer chemistry and mechanics. • Know-how Colouring kit for tinting lenses • Know-how Small-lot tinting process • Know-how Soft contact lens spincasting • Patent A wound-cover material containing scavanger • Patent Intraocular lenses spincasting Process.

Products & Services

  • Finished Contact Lenses Conventional HEMA 38% water. Monthly disposable Methafilcon A 55% water. Monthly disposable Hioxifilcon A 59% water. All brands also available as private labels or blanks. Custom-made coloured and Special effect lenses. Bandage and Veterinary lenses. Tinting system & tinting inks. Polymer chemistry consultancy.

Contact Details

Tyrsova 45
339 01 Klatovy
Czech Republic
Name: Mr. Pavel Novak
Tel: +420 370 317 484
Fax: +420 370 317 484
E-mail: info@wilens.cz
Web: www.wilens.cz


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