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Company Overview

Valley Contax is a member of EFCLIN and a member of both CLMA and CLSA. Valley Contax is a 25 year old GP Contact Lens lab operating in the pacific northwest specializing in custom GPs, multifocals & bifocals and distributor of a variety of other popular contact lenses. Known throughout the industry for high product quality, superior customer service and expert consultation, Valley Contax has been awarded the CLMA Seal of Excellence award for 9 consecutive years. Valley Contax offers every GP lens material available on today’s market and has innovated numerous successful proprietary lens designs.

Valley Contax is actively involved in supporting six American state optometric associations through financial donation and political action support. President Stephen G. Young has been involved in the CLMA for many years, is a past CLMA Board member and has been awarded honors by the CLMA. Vice-President Janice Schramm is currently a member of the CLMA Board of Directors, its current Vice President, Program Chair and past Treasurer. Both Mr. Young and Mrs. Schramm NCLC travel to attend the EFCLIN meetings. They also regularly teach classes on material characteristics at Pacific Eye Institute in Portland, Oregon.

Products & Services

  • Valley Contax offers an extensive menu of GP contact lenses, spherical, aspheric, bifocal, multifocal, other specialty lenses and distributes specialty soft lenses as well. Valley Contax also has available CRT (corneal refractive therapy) from Paragon Vision Sciences, Rose K and Rose K2, Dyna Z Intra-limbal and other industry specialty products. Valley Contax manufactures lenses from all popular GP lens button suppliers, Polymer Technology, Paragon Vision Sciences, Contamac USA, Lagado Corporation and others, along with a number of solutions.

Contact Details

1110 North 18th Street
Oregon 97401
Name: Janice Adams
Tel: +1 541 744 9393
Fax: +1 541 744 9399


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