Company Overview

UCO-Lavec was the first contact lens manufacturer in the Netherlands. We produce lenses more then 30 years. We offer a wide range of products. Quality and exchange policy made us where we are now. UCO-Lavec is the exclusive licensed distributor and manufacturer of the Rose-K keratoconus lenses for the Netherlands and Belgium.

Our company activities are producing GP and soft lenses with modern equipment with completely integrated software from the start until the finish of the lenses with barcode to prevent human mistakes. These methods give us the opportunity to develop new designs which results in our successful Multifocal lens ‘Prestige’.

Products & Services

  • We produce, as mentioned, GP and soft contact lenses, e.g. Spherical, Aspheric, Bifocal, Multifocal, Keratoconus, Ortho-K and Toric. Almost every design is possible and that’s why UCO-Lavec is so special. On all our products we have a high level exchange policy which makes us a company with extreme services.

Contact Details

Hoekvaartweg 21
1771 RP Wieringerwerf
Name: E A Beijer & R S    Perton
Tel: (31) 227 601837
Fax: (31) 227 602978
E-mail: info@ucolenzen.nl
Web: www.ucolenzen.nl


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