T.S. Lenti a Contatto srl

Company Overview

TS Lenti a Contatto srl is an Italian company producing both (R)GP and Soft contact lenses to prescription. Our company ethos is one of continuous improvement & growth by meeting patient needs with effective use of high technology methods. Since 1985 TS Lenti a Contatto has proved to be the perfect partner for practitioners looking for a combination of innovation, quality and reproducibility. The company is constantly searching for, and investing in the latest technology solutions that deliver high quality and efficacious products for the lens wearer.

Products & Services

Our Production Laboratory equipment includes the latest generation CNC DAC-ALM OTT and Optoform 40 FTS1000 oscillating tool lathing platforms which allow us to produce many kinds of highly complex front & back surface geometry lenses. Please visit our company website for more information on individual products.

Contact Details

Via Olof Palme, 31
20010 Vittuone (Milano)
Name: Mr. Giovanni Tinti
Tel: +39 02 903 19 289
Fax: +39 02 901 11 460
E-mail: info@tslac.it
Web: www.tslac.it


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