Company Overview

Precilens, is a French company, based in Paris. It was created in1981 and developed the first soft progressive lens, C2, in 1983. It focuses on specialty lenses (soft and RGP), dedicated to myopia control, presbyopia, astigmatism and hypermetropia. It also supplies lenses for keratoconus. Precilens motto is quality, high-tech design and service, offering superior, easy to fit and comfortable contact lenses. The Precilens orthokeratology DRL range (night lenses) has been shown, in various clinical studies, to be the most effective to slow down the progression of myopia (up to 72%). Precilens has been awarded the “Innovative Company” award by the French Ministry of Industry. This award is granted to the most innovative company investing in high precision nanotechnology and R&D.

Products & Services

R&D, production and distribution of soft and RGP contact lenses (orthokeratology -night lenses-, DRL lenses), distribution of solutions.

Contact Details

25 rue Auguste Perret
Creteil 94000
Name: Mr Bruno Privat
Tel: +(33)  145 13 18 45
Web: /

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