Hecht Contactlinsen GmbH

Company Overview

The company was founded in the year 1978. Today have about 100 employees (in Germany) and export our products to Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, The Netherlands and Poland. Today we have a high integrated manufacture process and we are working with the latest technics in production and fitting.

We produce custom made lenses (no stock!) in several designs, we have a very strong professional service (all contactlens-fitters in practice) for our customers, we offer a lot of different seminars to our customers (for beginners and for professionals), we are specialist not only for the product itself, even for the complete fitting-process.

Products & Services

  • RGPs and Soft lenses – multifocals and bifocals (only RGPs) – back torics, front torics, and bi-toric contact lenses, – mini scleral lenses – special customized designs – Solutions (cleaners,…) -Seminars -Software (CCC, fitting programs,…)

Contact Details

Dorfstrasse 2-4
79280 Au
Name:Mr Stefan Muckenhirn
Tel:+49 761 40105 0
Fax:+49 761 40105 22
E-mail: info@hecht-contactlinsen.de
Web: www.hecht-contactlinsen.de

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