Contour Fine Tooling BV

Company Overview

Over the past 25 years, Contour Fine Tooling has earned a reputation for innovation, precision, quality and value for money in the field of single point diamond cutting tools and milling tools. With manufacturing sites and repair facilities in England, The Netherlands, United States and |Japan, Contour Fine Tooling provides local customer support on a global basis.

Contour Fine Tooling works with both industry and academia to develop application-oriented solutions for ultra-precision manufacturing and optics. These applications include the machining of contact lenses, intra-ocular lenses, photo-receptor drums, scanning polygons, infra-red and laser optics, and components used in consumer electronics such as DVD players, camcorders and digital cameras. Research and development is an integral part of Contour’s continuing search for better and more efficient methods of producing diamond tools as well as novel uses for single point diamond turning tools.

Products & Services

  • Standard and special tools are offered, with varying levels of precision with waviness down to 0.05µm. Natural and synthetic stones are utilised including CVD diamonds, depending on the application. Conical and cylindrical, solid shank or insert, fly-cutting, straight or offset toolholders are all available according to the specifications required. Milling tools include free form milling cutters and ballend milling cutters. Contour offers a complete design service for customers’ special requirements and applications.

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Contour Fine Tooling Ltd

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